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Hotel and Restaurant Blinds

We can provide made to measure design solutions to create a functional but stylish and welcoming environment.  Our range of blinds, curtains, fly screens, shutters and awnings can be made-to-measure fitting into even any awkward windows and are tested to the highest of standards. Within our range we use specialist fabrics that are stain resistant and flame retardant.
Wooden Venetian blinds and Roller in a wide range of colours can suit a variety of decors.  Alternatively try easy to clean fabrics such as Venetian blinds and Vertical blinds.

Shop and Retail Outlet Blinds

We provide Blinds, Shutters and Awnings for shops and retail outlets.  We also provide made to measure privacy curtains, cubicle curtains and cubicle tracks for shops.
All shop blinds are measured, manufactured in-house, and installed by our own experienced craftsmen, and offer one of the best forms of solar protection to shop front windows available on the market today. Being durable and decorative they also suit a multitude of applications such as restaurants and domestic patios.

School and Nursery Blinds

Schools and nurseries have particular needs and safety and durability plays a key role in finding suitable blinds, shading is also important to provide the best learning environment.  Our blinds come in a wide range of colours and fabrics that have been rigorously tested to meet strict safety standards to the highest quality.

Roller blinds are ideal in schools and nurseries as they are simple to use and easy to clean.  Blackout roller blinds are also available in a range of fabrics which are useful in rooms where presentations are required.  Anti-glare blinds are also ideal for elimination of glare on computer screens and equipment.

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Blinds For Public Buildings

Whether you require blinds for buildings such as libraries, visitor centres, community centres and exhibition areas we are sure we have a style to suit.

Vertical blinds and Venetian blinds are ideal for public buildings as they can be angled to create privacy also allowing light control and used effectively to reduce sun glare. Roller blinds are also beneficial as they can also be used in a variety of different settings, including skylight windows. Our blackout fabrics can be used to block out light completely which are ideal for exhibition areas or meeting rooms where presentations may take place.

Hospital and Care Home Blinds

Blinds and products for Hospitals and Care Homes often have to cater for a wide range of factors and people, all with different needs. It is important when choosing blinds for health care facilities that consideration is given to hygiene, safety and practicality. Cubicle curtains

Vertical blinds and Roller blinds are practical and are ideal for hospital and care homes, they are easy to use, easy to clean and come in a variety of styles and colours.; Venetian blinds are also easy to use and clean and they can also be angled to give privacy to patients whilst allowing light and a view. Remote control operated blinds allow for easy opening and closing of blinds that are often difficult for some to reach.

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Office Blinds

Whether you have a large or small office, Leary’s blinds have a selection of blinds that are perfect for the office environment. We have a wide range of vertical Office blinds styles available for offices, meeting rooms and receptions. Our blinds come in a wide range of colours and fabrics that have been rigorously tested and are industry compliant with flame retardant fabrics.
Roller blinds for the office
Venetian blinds are a popular choice for office blinds they are simple to use, functional and flexible.  They fit neatly into windows allowing light to be filtered or cut out completely.  Roller blinds are also suitable for office environments which are also simple and easy to use.  With Roller blinds and Vertical blinds they come in a variety of fabrics including hardwearing and PVC fabrics.